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Dear Not-Profiting-to-your-True-or-Desired-Potential Internet Marketer,

Now how many times have you tried to make money online?

Real money?
Smack bang straight into your Paypal account kind of money?
Regular, big paydays?
Now, whether you’ve tried and failed…
Or tried and failed time and time again…
Or whether you’ve tried and simply not succeeded to your desired or optimum potential…
Then we have some good and some bad news for you.

Let’s get the bad news out the way
Unless you have got yourself a Membership Site - then you haven’t yet unlocked the key to a real regular passive income.
And you won’t yet be living that online lifestyle you so deserve.

But here’s the good news:
That’s exactly what we’re giving you.
All smart and highly successful marketers know that the realmoney - the true profitability in Internet Marketing comes fromrecurring memberships.

Membership sites are Internet Marketing Goldmines!

Guaranteeing you a recurring income and depositing moneystraight into your Paypal account - each and every month.

Those astute marketers with Membership Sites watch those huge waves of dollars rolling into their Paypal Accounts eachand every month…

Don’t you want to be one of THOSE Internet Marketers?!

…Membership Sites = the fastest and most effective way ofgenerating huge profits in Internet Marketing.

So what’s been stopping you?

Well years of experience tells us that:

Membership Sites ALSO NORMALLY = a total pain in the ass to set up + time + effort + some sort of technical background /degree / PHD in Computer Engineering or coding to set them up!

Plus - they’re normally pretty pricey!

Now…if only there was a way to set up your own Internet Marketing Membership Site Goldmine…

A quality site WITHOUT all the fuss, hassle and ANY of thetechnical know-how normally needed.

For a genuinely bargain basement price -WITHOUT the bargain basement quality!

Introducing Easy Member NEO

"I rigorously tested Easy Member NEO for my review and I have only one thing to say, by using this app, even a newbie should be able to come up with a sizzling hot membership site, people normally pay thousands of dollars for. It’s an amazingly well done app and gets my highest recommendation."

- Ciprian M. - buygfx.com

Your complete ‘done for you’ solution to a regular recurring income with
UNLIMITED LICENSING on all of your own sites ...

Incorporating the incredible functionality of:

  • Built In Affiliate Promotion System
  • Run Promotions With Coupons
  • Offer Free Trials
  • One Time Or Recurring Payments
  • Automated Daily Database Backups
  • Create Upsells And One Time Offers
  • Total Autoresponder Integration
  • Content, File and Video Protection
  • Drip Feed Content (Set & Forget)
  • UNLIMITED Membership Levels
  • Full Featured WYSIWYG Editor
  • Multiple Languages Supported
  • PHPBB forum integration
  • Simple WordPress integration

Check Out How Well We Shape Up To Our Competition:

EASY MEMBER NEO Literally Does it All!

Leaving All Other Membership Site Softwares For Dust

Now Most Membership Sites Will Take You:



And an insane amount of technical know how

Just to get off the ground - Giving You a natural stumbling block to your  success and regular recurring profitability.

We're going to remove that stumbling block

Now, we’re going to give you every single bit of feature-rich juiciness. Without you having to do a single part of the set up yourself!

Anyone who is selling ANYTHING online needs to have a membership site, to compliment their other activities and provide a regular recurring stream of passive income.

If you are not tapping into a membership recurring model in some way you are definitely leaving cash on the table and are practically giving your customers away to your competitors.

Having used numerous different membership softwares that I found too complicated to learn and difficult to implement, I was finally introduced to Easy Member Pro and have never looked back.Initially I tasked the most junior member of my staff to create a new membership site using Easy Member Pro and I couldn’t believe that she managed to create a fully operation (and beautiful looking) membership site within 24 hours, something that previously took much more experienced staff over a month to accomplish.I can’t say enough good things about Easy Member Pro, if you are serious about building a successful business on-line then you NEED to have Easy Member Pro in your corner.

Check Out All Of Easy Member NEO's Incredibly Powerful Features:

Unlimited License

This is the UNLIMITED LICENCE version of this software - which means you can utilise Easy Member Pro on as many ofyour own sites as you wish!

Affiliate Management

Set up and manage a stress free efficient affiliate programme

  • Members get an automatic affiliate link, so they canpromote your site immediately after joining
  • Affiliates can sign-up without becoming a member
  • Pay your affiliates by check or PayPal
  • 3rd party affiliate options included
  • Set your affiliate commission percentage globally and give individual affiliates a custom percentage if needed
  • View outstanding commissions at any time and see the total owed to each affiliate
  • Mass email your affiliates
  • Affiliates are emailed automatically when sales are made
  • Easily upload promo emails and graphics - affiliate links are embedded automatically
  • Bulk import or export affiliates as a CSV file
  • Give ad-hoc commissions to affiliates at any time
  • Disable the built in affiliate system if required

Autoresponder Integration

Never lose your members - even if your hosting goes down!

When you have hundreds or thousands of paying members onyour membership site, BACKUPS ARE IMPERATIVE. If anything should go wrong with your web hostingcompany…don’t worry - Easy Member NEO has it covered:

  • You can enable automatically daily database backup.
  • Backups made automatically to your admin panel
  • Backup manually and restore at any time.

Coupon Codes

Offer prospects an irresistible offer and increase your membership

We live in a society where coupons and codes are deemedessential to offering a good offer! In fact, some people won’t take action on an offer without some sort of coupon code!

Create a genuine buzz and drive members to your site withCoupon Codes - create scarcity and make your membershipsite even more desirable to join:

  • Issue coupon codes as an extra incentive to get people to join your site
  • Coupons can be limited by quantity available orexpiry date creating ultimate scarcity
  • Enable / Disable Coupons as Required.

Target Everyone!

Multiple Currencies and languages

  • Multiple currencies supported: Easily set upmembership sites for every market possible
  • Multiple languages on the front end pages: English,French, German, Spanish and Italian files providedwith the ability to create your own language file

Member management system

Easy communication between you and your members and complete membership control

  • Automatically create member accounts and automatically send login details upon successfulpayment.
  • Add new members manually if needed
  • Email members with special promotions or sitenews at anytime
  • Schedule email blasts to members with our email broadcasting feature
  • Email members individually directly from their member profile
  • Automatic Notifications direct to you every time anew member joins (or if a member cancels)
  • Capture up to 10 additional pieces of informationwhen members sign up.
  • Automatically close member accounts if members unsubscribe
  • Members can update their password at any time.
  • Members can also retrieve their password from a"Forgotten Password" page quickly and easily

Page management system

Have your membership site exactly how you want it!

You don't need to be a "techy" to use Easy Member NEO.Pages can be created and edited as easily as using a Word Processor. However, for those of you more tech-inclined, youhave the ultimate freedom to create pages from scratch too.

  • Easy to use online page editor. No HTML or PHPskills required!
  • Control graphics and colours using our built intools or use custom template designs fromprograms such as Dreamweaver
  • Add/edit/delete your own extra pages easily
  • Create your member content in advance with our Drip Feed feature. Members can only access content when X days have passed. Ideal if you wantto set up an autopilot membership site!
  • Built-in support form for members

Multiple payment options

Offer every single prospect a tailor made offer

  • Offer multiple membership levels.
  • Offer free trials.
  • Offer one-time-only payments
  • Offer recurring payments.
  • Set recurring payments to end after Xweeks/months/years.

Supports multiple payment processors

Take payment any way wich suits your customers

Supported Processors:.

  • Paypal (Debit/Credit Cards).
  • ClickBank (Paypal/Debit/Credit Cards).
  • 2Checkout (Debit/Credit Cards).
  • Authorize.net (Debit/Credit Cards).
  • JVzoo
  • 1shoppingcart (coming soon)
  • Payza (formerly Payalert)

Now you've got them - sell more and develop your brand and customers loyaty

Upsells and one time offers

Offer every single prospect a tailor made offer

  • Upsell additional products/services to yourmembers: Create a level for each upsell and createa purchase link to post in your member's area.
  • Create a "one time offer" page your members willsee immediately after they login for the first time.

Compatible with plugins

Easy Member NEO is as bullet proof as physically possible!

  • Forum Intergration
  • WordPress Intergration
  • Popup plugin
  • With LOADS MORE in the pipeline!

WAIT - Now We've mentioned WordPress ...
WordPress Hackers be gone!
WordPress LOVERS - We'll Guarantee You're happy too!

Unlike other membership software out there Easy Member Neo IS NOT reliant on WordPress with all it's inherent security problems.

However if you can't bear to give up WordPress altogether then Easy Member Neo comes complete with a WordPress plugin so you can effortlessly run both platforms side by side -with the safety, security and specific membership functionality that Easy Member Neo provides.

Easy Member Neo is a specially designed membership script -designed solely to build membership sites with membership site owners in mind.

So you have absolutely no worries about WordPress hackerswiping out your members.

The Truth Is: Build your membership site on WordPress and you WILL BEHACKED! It’s a sitting duck for hungry hackers!

Just check out our attempted hacks into just one blog over a few days...

Now we’ve made Easy Member NEO as bullet proof as physically possible!

Bullet Proof Security

Insure your recurring income and protect your members

  • File downloads can be set so only logged-in members can download them.
  • Hide the real download location of files and videos. Even remotely hosted files and videos on AmazonS3 can be protected so members have no idea where they are located so they can't share your files with other people
  • Control download pages so new members can't download previous month's content. (Stop naughty people people from joining and downloading all your content, then asking for a refund!)
  • Built-in contact form with integrated CAPTCHA to prevent spam.

Robust round the clock online support desk

Never struggle on your own - no matter what time of day

  • No 9 to 5 Office Hours Online help desk
  • All tickets answered within 4-24 hours
  • Customer Forum
  • Online User Manual
  • Optional installation / upgrade service
  • How to videos

Now You Know Exactly What It’s Capable Of - Just Have Look At The Quality You Can Create With Easy Member Neo:

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Now we’ve just shown you how much passive income a one time opportunity like this opens up for you:

A Membership Software that is so feature rich that blows the competition into submission

With unlimited licences software giving you the potential for maximum profitability on as many of your own sites as your heart desires…

If you’re looking for a successful business model for your Internet Empire, then you should be looking at setting up membership sites.

Look for any successful Internet Marketer, and you’ll see they own at least one membership site and probably a lot more, because membership sites complement your other online activities and provide a regular recurring stream of completely passive income.In other words, if you don’t own a membership site, you’re missing out on a lot of cash and customers.

Easymemberneo is one of those rare scripts that does what it says. It’s not complicated to learn nor is it difficult to set up. (A real boon for newbies who hate working with scripts or HTML). We found it invaluable when we needed to get a new membership site up and running super quick and were pleasantly surprised at how many features are included.

All in all one of our favorite membership scripts…

Unlimited License

$197 $147 $67

Easy Member Neo